C.G. Jung Vereniging Nederland - Interdisciplinaire Ver. voor Analytische Psychologie


C. G. Jung Association Netherlands - Interdisciplinary Society for Analytical Psychology


The growing interest in the Netherlands for the psychiatrist and depth psychologist C.G. Jung (1875 - 1961) has led in 1983 to the establishment of the C. G. Jung Association Netherlands - Interdisciplinary Society for Analytical Psychology. The aim of the association is to promote and increase the applicability of Jung's analytical psychology to various fields of science in the Netherlands. Analytical psychology is more than just one school among the many schools of psychology. She has many interfaces with other disciplines, not only with the humanities such as philosophy, art history, literature and theology, but also with natural sciences as in quantum physics and even mathematics. This interdisciplinary approach allows the association to achieve its goals in an ongoing dialogue with representatives of these sciences. 


The association is a non-profit organization run by volunteers. The emphasis is on education, research and the critical study of Jung's work. The association addresses primarily interested parties with an academic degree or similar studies. It aims to establish and promote contacts with organizations, dealing with the psychology of C.G. Jung,in the Netherlands and abroad. Three seminars are organized every year, in which members of the association and specialists from the Netherlands and abroad report on their research. Summaries of the lectures are published in the association newsletter. In addition, the association publishes a yearbook of lectures and research reports. Members come together in six regional study groups. The C.G. Jung Library is maintained together with NAAP (Netherlands Association for Analytical Psychology). The library is the Netherlands' most complete collection of books and journals in the field of Analytical Psychology. The library includes the standard works of Jung in different languages, special and historical publications of Jung's time in Zurich and the archives of known Jungians in the Netherlands. The library also contains a fine collection of publications at the interface of psychology and religion, mythology, mysticism and alchemy.  


You can contact the board at : info @cgjung-vereniging.nl .